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Chinese Insurance...
Thanks to Gary Chang

Just for the record, the Los Angeles lab was located at the corner of Western and Santa Monica, above a wig shop and massage parlor. Serge's lab was my home for a few months in the summer of 1976 and the fall of 1978. A heavy metal band used to live next door, and I used to jam with them, processing the lead guitarist. During the time that I knew Serge, I built this guy....

This first eight panels were built in the summer of 1976. They are first generation Serge, and I still love it (it still works!) You might call the lack of face plate graphics "Chinese Insurance" - while I was living out of my car, I knew that it was totally worthless to anyone else! The ninth panel of oscillators came in 1980. Hats off to Serge. The system is shown in my film music studio, 12/11/01.


Top Left
dual negative slew - dual positive slew - neg slew -
pos slew - filter (older ca 3080 type) - filter

Top Right
filter - filter - neg slew - pos slew - neg slew - pos slew
2nd Row Left
dual analog shift reg - rca adapters - dual processor - smooth & stepped -pos slew - neg slew
2nd Row Right
triple waveshaper - 8 x vca (older 3080 type) - phase hifter - dual mixer
3rd Row Left
neg slew - pos slew - dual processor -smooth & step - filter - filter
3rd Row Right
filter - filter - filter - triple comparator - vca - ring mod - phase shifter - stereo mixer
4th Row Left
dual programmer, sequencer, 4 unity gain mixers (custom)
4th Row Right
neg slew - 4 x smooth & steps - noise source.
9th Panel
8 precision oscillators

There several other little circuits and mods found in the system which facilitate some my most common procedures (feeding back filters, summing several pos/neg slew pairs' outputs, etc.) which exist in the system and are not listed.

After 25 years the system, save one smooth generator, WORKS COMPLETELY! Which is amazing, since I built it myself :-).

Gary Chang

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